RackStation RS2821RP+ | Trustworthy Data Management for Business Workloads

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RackStation RS2821RP+

Robust storage for data protection, file serving, etc

Trustworthy Data Management for Business Workloads

RS2821RP+ is a rackmount NAS with 3U 16-bay built with economical file management, sharing, and backup capabilities, specially designed for SMEs. Powered by DSM and can be easily be expanded with SSD cache and 10/25GbE networking capabilities.



  • Support vital workloads with up to 2,200 MB/s read
    and 1,164 MB/s write performance
  • Scale up to 28 drives with the RX1217(RP) and add 10/25GbE networking or fast NVMe SSD Cache with PCIe add-in cards
  • Combine two devices into a Synology High Availability cluster for maximum service uptime and minute-level failover
  • Maximize uptime with two redundant power supply units

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